The Power of Making a Decision

What do you really, REALLY want?

Things may seem to be at a standstill in your life when you can’t answer this question with boldness. Are you afraid to put your foot down and decide on what you want to happen in your life? Do you flip flop between wanting more one day and being complacent the next day?

Could it be that you don’t think you DESERVE what you want? Or maybe it’s not realistic?

This is where I was several years ago, as a single mother trying to figure out how to work for myself so that I could spend more time with my son. I literally closed my eyes and decided I wanted to become my own boss. I can look back now and say that once I declared my decision and moved towards it, supportive people and resources FOUND me and everything came into alignment.

Or, eliminate the need to make some smaller decisions, so that you can save all of your mental power for making larger decisions.

Mark Zuckerberg has a “life uniform“… he has a closet full of the same shirt and pants, so that he doesn’t waste time deciding what to wear. He’s got more important things to handle, like running Facebook. Watch the SAME thing happen for YOU. Make 1 choice in your life today and STAND by it.   

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  • From corporate employee to full-time entrepreneur, Dana’s career has evolved from being an in-house print designer to creative agency founder, brand identity and website strategist, speaker and mentor.

    After undergrad, Dana landed jobs where she designed marketing pieces for SunTrust and Wells Fargo, and package design for home storage items sold in major retail stores including Walmart, Target. This shaped her understanding of brand design consistency and sparked a desire to offer her knowledge to a wider variety of businesses. With her love for clean design and belief that everyone has a story to tell, Dana founded Cheers Creative, a Memphis-based agency that builds award-winning brand visuals and websites for industry leaders, conferences, non-profits, and entertainment platforms. Cheers also provides workshops on branding and design to local business owners and aspiring designers.

    While Dana has always been an artist, entrepreneurship kindled a yearning to conquer the business side of creating. Since the opening of Cheers in 2012, Dana has developed an international client roster. Her writing about effective logo design is referenced in, and her story is featured in dozens of business and branding podcasts, blog interviews, and ‘Women in Tech’ roundup discussions.

    Dana has been endorsed by ThemeCo, the creators of X, which is one of the most powerful and fastest-selling WordPress themes on the market today. Through her work with ThemeCo, she has built website demos that help over 170,000 X Theme customers create beautiful websites. Dana’s web design work is featured on various WordPress website showcases around the web.

    Dana received a BFA with a concentration in Graphic Design from the University of Memphis. When she’s not working or contributing to the Memphis arts scene, Dana mentors underserved middle-school and high-school age girls about entrepreneurship through the non-profit organization Envision Lead Grow, and spends time with her husband and children.

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